Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update - Current ESS Positions and Openings

Our first meeting was Monday, September 7 at 7:00pm in the ESS Lounge. As of that night, here is your current ESS Executive and Council. If you are interested in learning about a position and/or volunteering for a position, please email ureginaess@gmail.com.

President: Randee Patton

VP of Academic & Professional Affairs: Mariah Perkins

VP Financial: Andrea Rogers

VP of Social Affairs: Brianne Pister

VP of Communications: Robin Howell

Secretary: Hope Rudiak

Social Directors: Bradie Mann & Hayley Schnell

STF Reps: Danielle Degelman

Elementary Rep: Candy Lam

Secondary Rep: Brittany Thies

SUNTEP Rep: Jolie Brewer

HOPE Rep: Kara Khole

B.E.S.S. Rep: Kayla Hanson

ED Lounge Director: Lynda-Rae Miller

Positions still needed:

- General Representatives (assist their respective VPs)

- Three more STF Reps

- Middle Years Rep

- Arts Education Rep

- Bac Program Rep

- Early Childhood Education Rep