Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scholar's Choice Membership

The Social Studies Students' Society has a present for you.
Get a FREE membership to Scholars Choice!

This includes:

-10% Member Discount

-Quarterly Newsletter

-Special Member Discounts & Event Days

Just follow these simple instructions:

> Go to:

> Click on: Become a Member

> Enter Code #: 966-WEBMEMBER

And you're in...Now all of you University of Regina ED Students can have access and I don't have to mail out these cards. :) Happy Summer!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Scholar's Choice Website

For all of you students, teachers, and profs that don't know, Scholars Choice supports many of our Education events around the university. If any of you would like more information on products you are welcome to visit their website Also, if you would like to contact our local educational consultant her name is Patti Proud. You are able to contact Patti @ 526-9946 or e-mail her at

Scholar's Choice has great educational products. Check it out.

Hope your summer is going well.