Saturday, September 19, 2009

Updated ESS Executive and Council

Here is your current ESS Executive and Council as of our general meeting on September 16, 2009. If you are interested in learning about a position and/or volunteering for a position, please email

President: Randee Patton

VP of Academic & Professional Affairs: Mariah Perkins

VP Financial: Andrea Rogers

VP of Social Affairs: Brianne Pister

VP of Communications: Robin Howell

Secretary: Hope Rudiak

Social Directors: Bradie Mann, Hayley Schnell

STF Reps: Miriah Perkins, Alysa Marchand, Jillian Lundquist

Elementary Rep: Candy Lam

Middle Years Rep: Heidi Warren

Secondary Rep: Brittany Thies

Arts Ed Rep: Brianne Pister, Alysa Marchand

SUNTEP Rep: Jolie Brewer

HOPE Rep: Kara Khole

ECE Rep: Brittany Ward, Bekki Burton Trytten

B.E.S.S. Rep: Kayla Hanson

ED Lounge Director: Lynda-Rae Miller

Positions still needed:

- General Representatives (assist their respective VPs)

- Bac Program Rep