Sunday, February 21, 2010

Christine Selinger Cabaret Fundraiser

Christine Selinger, last year's co-president of the ESS is currently in my fifth of six years in the combined B.Ed/B.Sci program at the U of R. She is also a paraplegic - and as many of you know she will be the first paraplegic to hike BC's Nootka Trail in May of this year. Unfortunately, this hike is costing a lot of money - and so she is holding fundraisers! The first fundraiser was a steak night that went great and raised nearly $2000!!

The next event is a cabaret:

- The cabaret is "Naughty Nighties and Tightiy Whities"

- Location: The Drink

- Friday, March 19

For more information email, check our her Facebook event, or call Christine at 527-8533.